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PF Hackathon

Peace Makers vs. COVID-19

About Peace First

Founded 25 years ago, Peace First is a global youth movement, unleashing young people’s compassionate creativity to counter the rising culture of exclusion, violence, and disconnection that affects us all.  Across the globe there is a frightening rise in extremism, isolation, and despair.  We have lost our basic capacity to come together to solve problems, to view other people’s needs as our own, and to cross lines of difference to build community. Meanwhile, there are 1.6 billion young people across the globe, many with ideas on how to solve the world’s most entrenched problems, but only a very few have access to tools, mentors, and capital to turn their insights into reality. Peace First is changing this. 


Although 25 years old, we are essentially a start-up social venture, moving from a school-based curriculum to a direct-to-youth digital platform for social change.  Peace First invites young people (13 – 25) to identify a critical issue in their community and then puts project design tools, caring mentors, and small start-up grants into their hands to imagine and implement compassionate solutions to our globe’s most urgent problems through an online platform "peacefirst.org"

Peace First a non-profit organization dedicated to helping young people around the world to become powerful peacemakers by:

  • Investing in their ideas

  • Providing them with tools and skills

  • Connecting them with other awesome young people around the world

  • Sharing their stories and impact with the world

About The Hackathon

This Online Hackathon is one of the hundreds of ideas supported by Peace First. It is an opportunity for problem-solvers, developers, designers, marketers, subject-matter experts, and other powerful networks of innovators and change makers solutions that result in social impact, to address some of the challenges posed by COVID-19.

We’re looking for the MENA region’s heroes, creators, and change-makers to be part of this hackathon, to help shape a new world. We encourage you to form multi-disciplinary teams and use the skills and knowledge of your choice to create solutions, explore potential innovations.



Gender Equality

How can we raise awareness about gender equality and overcome this gap ? How can we create more spaces for women as decision makers and economic drivers?


How can we make the rights of children a top priority? How can we guarantee them accessible and equitable resources and materials? How can we invest in the holistic development of children in the region?

Climate Change

How can we take action against climate change to build a resilient and sustainable future? How do we create sustainable practices in the tourism and economic sector? How can we protect the environment in times of conflict, and from corporate greed?



How can we contribute to the development of the education sector in the Arab countries, and how can it reach different vulnerable groups? How can we revamp educational sectors to prepare youth for the 21st century job market? How can we create learning environments that promote lifelong learning and development in both formal and informal institutions?

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How might we support people in identifying symptoms, facilitate communication with healthcare professionals, maintain mental health, access to medical services, and raise awareness regarding prevention? It is a call for possible solutions to enhance the healthcare sector's preparedness, efficiency and support healthcare workers


  • Participants who are from MENA region and have an innovative, clear, sustainable and actionable technical idea

  • Teams of 2-5 members are encouraged to apply. (Individuals can also apply; however, teams are preferred)

  • The team Leader should be from 13-25 years old

How It Works


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Idea Applications

Only applicants who have submitted a complete application will be considered for the programme. These are the steps in the application process by

filling the application Form


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Idea Evaluations

The hackathon of field experts and judges. Each application is evaluated by two different members of the selection committee.


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Set Up Tunes

Presentation and valedictory


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Hackathon Awards

250$ and more


1st prize



1 month of mentorship

subscription to one of online learning platforms

2nd prize



1 month of mentorship

3rd prize