Q & A

I am older than 25, Can I apply?

Yes you can! But the team leader age should be between 13-25

I am intrested to join this hackathon, but I don't have a team, Can I apply?

Yes you can! You will find a fit team during the slack in the first day of the hackathon.

Is it must to be the whole team from the same country?

No it's not! Also we prefer people from different countries together.

We are 6 members at the same team, Can we apply as a one team?

Unfortunatly NO! You can apply if your team are from 2-5 members.

I am from MENA region, but I'm not living their, Can I apply?

Yes you can! But when you fill the application choose your home country in MENA.

What are the awards from this hackathon?

1st prize: 250$ + one month of mentorship with experts and subscription to online learning platforms for additional learning. 2nd prize 250$ + 1 month of mentorship. 3rd prize: 250$.

I have never attend hackathons before and I don't know how it goes, or how to use slack?

No worries, we will do an info session before the hackathon to teach you everything you need to know about it.